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Create content in free style

Create content for anything in a free-flowing manner.

Amazon product description

Write compelling product description for Amazon within seconds!

Amazon product features

List down your product features in a best way possible to convert more sales!

Create Product Landing Page Copy

Generate copy for your product/service page

AIDA Framework

Generate a sales copy as per AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) Framework

Facebook Ads Copy

Write your Facebook Ads copy instantly

Google Ads Copy

Write your Google Ads copy within seconds

LinkedIn Ads Copy

Write Ads copy for LinkedIn

Youtube Ads Copy

Draft Ads Copy for Youtube video

Devise marketing strategy

Devise your next marketing strategy effectively and efficiently

Youtube video description

Write your youtube video description with compelling and high quality content

Grammer corrector

Correct grammer & spelling error


Correct punctuation issues in any language

Personal email

Stay connected with your loved ones through heartfelt personal emails

Business email

Professional communication for your business needs

Email Subject

Professional communication for your Email Subject

Welcome / Confirmation email

Give a warm welcome to your new subscriber or customer

Promotional email

Drive engagement and boost sales with captivating promotional emails

Transactional email

Keep your users informed with transactional emails

Recurring email newsletter

Keep your customers coming back. Send them updates with recurring newsletter

Event promotion email

Have an event coming up? Tell your potential customers about it via an email!

Cold outreach email

Reach out to new leads and prospects with a cold outreach email.

Event followup email

Send a warm-up email follow-up to your customers after an event.

New product launched email

Create an email to notify your customers of your new product launch

Sales email

Drive revenue and close deals with persuasive sales emails

Frequently asked question(FAQ)

Generate FAQ for your product/service

Product review

Write a review for product in seconds!

Review reply

Write reply for your product review


Rephrase your content in different style

Podcast script

Draft your next podcast script on any topic

Press release

Draft a press release within 5 second

Generate tagline

Generate a catchy tagline for your business

Draft a tutorial

Draft a tutorial on any topic within second

Summarize your content

Summarize your content using different style and tone


Get explanation for anything

Generate prompt for Dall E

Ask AI to write Dall-E prompt for you

Tone changer

try your writing in different style and tone.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) Template

try your writing Statement purpose.

Write Blog (Full blog)

Write full blog within minutes on any topic

Essay writing

Write your essay intro, outro, outline, paragraph from a given topic

Write a paragraph

Write a compelling paragraph to boost up your writing process

Example Giver

See real world example for anything

Creative story

Draft a creative story on any topic

Story title generator

Generate a catchy story title within second

Content transformer

Transform your content to anything you would want


Translator your content to anything you would want

Business idea generator

Find business idea on any topic

Business name generator

Get unique business name for you product or service

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