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Most Realistic emotion based AI Voiceover with 1,000 unique voices in 104 languages & 155 accents

Guy - Male
English (US)
Tony - Male
English (US)
Ryan - Male
English (US)
Xiaoqiu - Female
Aria - Female
English (US)
Carlos - Male

Voice Studio

Create long form audio upto 200,000 characters (approx. 3.5 hours) with multiple voices in a single request
Voice Studio

What Our Customers Say

26 5-star star reviews


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Review by - fga

"The voice quality is truly exceptional, with fantastic flexibility. The results are realistic and captivating. The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive. This is the first tool I see you can effectively bind emotions to the voice. This deal truly deserves full attention! And you still have the possibility to add background music. My only extra wish would be to allow automatically reduced music volume during speech. You can do that by post-processing Audacity, but it requires some manual work. If voice and background music were placed on separate channels, it would greatly simplify things. And well, if you want to "listen to" my comment, here it is:https://app.unmixr.com/share/audio-8902fd08-4767-4bd2-8733-58e30a132b9a/"

Superb Quality SaaS

star star star star star

Review by - sumore

"I rate it 5 tacos, although the premium plan offered on AppSumo is quite limited in scope (and I hope they will improve it for us, the sumolings:). The AI chat is genuinely superb, offering a wide range of functions (some of which are coming soon), making the chatting process a breeze. This tool not only allows you to create fine images but also enhances the chatting experience, as seen on the ChatGPT site. Additionally, there is an audio recorder for capturing prompts for the chat. The only issue that bothered me was the restriction on using GPT-4. I believe that 100,000 words should be enough to allow for some GPT-4 features (as other sites are offering), but the results with GPT-3.5 are still very good. Furthermore, you can also use Bard and, in the future, Claude and Meta's models. The quality of the text-to-speech voices is truly impressive. I was impressed by the variety of tools available for editing the text before and after. For the price and the combination of tools, 10 hours per month is more than a decent offer. I also have unlimited access to SpeechKi, and I must say that the tools offered here are of almost the same quality (or perhaps the same). There are numerous voices to choose from, but as with the AI chat tools, some options are blocked, but this is part of life. They probably know they have a gem in their hands and they deserve to succeed and earn a living from their investment and efforts. Overall, please consider including GPT-4 features even in the premium plan, allowing for more words per message. Another suggestion is to allow us to buy credits if we exceed our monthly allowance for both words and characters. I'm not certain if I will subscribe to a monthly plan if I need more from time to time. Please take this into consideration as well. Thank you."

I'm pretty happy

star star star star star

Review by - MysteriousPenguin

"I had made the mistake of using some other companies for voice overs (blakify / UTRR for example - which cancelled all their user accounts. ODIO, which turned out to be a rebranded UTRR, and started banning user accounts) these folks have been a breath of fresh air, and oh my, there is a great number of additional options. Dubbing with AI, translations with AI, voice overs with AI, video transcriptions using AI, etc. I normally need to go through many of these separately with different AI companies - I am absolutely loving this service. And I am actively using them every week. The short version is it is definitely their own unique platform, and very much worth the small cost. I've been able to save voices, and save projects, and load up old projects so I'm not sure why someone else has concerns there. And compared to most competitors on appsumo, this platform is lightyears ahead of what they have. Very happy."


star star star star star

Review by - julianmas

"Hello, I don't usually leave reviews but I'm really happy with Unmixr AI and I'm surprised that it has so few reviews. I've tried tools like Dubverse and Fourie, and I must say that Unmixr surpasses them in many aspects. The automatic dubbing and quick time correction make a huge difference, unlike the other tools where fixing each sentence to sound good within the synchronized time is a nightmare. Moreover, whenever I've had issues, the support team has always responded quickly, even though the tool is still improving, they managed to creatively solve the situation for me. So far, I'm satisfied and I hope that in the future they will allow VOICE CLONING like Speechki because it would be very useful."

One of the best!

star star star star star

Review by - tina853

"I've been using Unmixr extensively for my educational projects, and I have to say, I'm absolutely thrilled with this fantastic tool. Unmixr has quickly become my go-to favorite because of its outstanding features and functions. One thing that really blows me away is the incredibly realistic voices it offers. Seriously, they're some of the best I've ever come across. What's more, the ability to customize voice styles and add in multiple 10-second pauses is a big deal for me. This feature really steps up the quality and impact of my projects. And being able to smoothly blend multiple voices into a single script, creating a natural and engaging conversational flow, is a total game-changer for me. Unmixr pretty much has everything I was looking for in a voice generation tool, and its versatility has made a huge difference in my educational projects. Don't hesitate if you're looking for something like this because it doesn't disappoint."

Best Purchase Ever Made

star star star star star

Review by - Phil887

"I have used few other tools for text to voice generation including speecify and speechki. As a documentary filmmaker, I've always struggled to find the perfect voice for my projects with resonable price. That was until I discovered Unmixr. This tool has been a game-changer for me! The range of voices and the ability to blend them seamlessly into my films have brought my stories to life like never before. One of the coolest feature is being able to adjust the voice intensity. Using voice instensity I could completely customize the voice experience. It has full set of features all required for my use cases: projects, subtitle generation, background music, audio merge tool and the cool audio sharing widget! Best of luck! "

Unleashing Creativity

star star star star star

Review by - mhenze

"I recently took a chance on Unmixr AI through AppSumo and was blown away by the quality and value it offers. As a user who has tried various AI-powered tools, Unmixr stands out for its exceptional text-to-speech capabilities, dubbing, chat, and copywriting features. The range of voices and the ability to fine-tune them to fit my projects is nothing short of impressive. Additionally, the user-friendly interface made my experience even more satisfying. The platform itself is a treasure trove of innovative tools and services that cater to a wide range of needs – from content creation to detailed voiceover projects. I’ve been able to save significant amounts of time and resources, thanks to the efficiency and effectiveness of Unmixr. Further highlights are the reliability and potential of this tool, making it a top recommendation for anyone looking to enhance their creative projects with AI technology. My advice to potential users: don’t hesitate to explore what Unmixr has to offer. It’s a decision you’re unlikely to regret, given the transformative impact it can have on your work. AppSumo’s offering makes it accessible and affordable, ensuring you get great value for your investment."

A Game Changer for Voice Projects!

star star star star star

Review by - Rohit

"Unmixr has completely changed the game in voice synthesis, making it an essential tool for anyone involved in voice-related projects. Its ability to integrate multiple models in one chat is a game-changer. The standout feature for me has been the voice emotions with intensity control, bringing a level of realism and depth to the voices that is simply unmatched. There's room for improvement, particularly in the ease of adding presets to streamline the creation process. However, knowing that this is on the roadmap is reassuring Unmixr's commitment. Overall, Unmixr stands out as a top-tier tool in voice technology and content creation. Its innovative features and user-focused design make it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their voice and content creation projects. And last but not the least - their proactive support is truly amazing."

30 multilingual voices

Generate text to voice with 30 high quality and multilingual voices
Ryan - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 42 languages)
Isabella - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Alessio - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Marcello - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Jenny P - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 42 languages)
Ava - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Xiaoxiao - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 12 languages)
Masaru - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Arabella - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Ada - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Emma - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Brian - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Seraphina - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Remy - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Xiaoxiao - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Xiaochen - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Thalita - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Vivienne - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Florian - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Fable - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 57 languages)
Onyx - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 57 languages)
Yunyi - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Xiaoyu - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Andrew - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Shimmer - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 57 languages)
Nova - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 57 languages)
Isidora - Female
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)
Alloy - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 57 languages)
Echo - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 57 languages)
Ollie - Male
PREMIUM Multilingual (speak 92 languages)

Generative AI powered AI Chatbot with multi-model support and DocChat

With multi-model (GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude-3, LLaMa-2, Cohere, Perplexity, Gemini Pro and more) support and DocChat (Chat with PDF, Docx, Text, Websites, Audio/Video, YouTube and more) our AI Chatbot is your all-in-one AI assistant.
See Detail
Unmixr AI Chat

AI Powered Transcription & Dubbing

Create dubbing of your audio/video in simple 3 steps: 1. Transcribe 2. Translate 3. Dub
Dubbing Studio

AI Image

Generate realistic, artistic or any form images using prompt or regenerate existing images using our AI powered image generator.
Unmixr AI Image
Generated using our Image generator
Unmixr AI Image
Generated using our Image generator
Unmixr AI Image
Generated using our Image generator

High Quality Templates

Instantly write engaging content for your next marketing campaign, podcast video, online course or blogs from the list of proven templates.
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Generative AI Powered Translator (+100 languages)

Accurately translate your content into 100+ languages.

Supported Languages

Azerbaijani (Latin)
Bosnian (Latin)
Cantonese (Traditional)
Chinese (Literary)
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
French (Canada)
Haitian Creole
Hmong Daw (Latin)
Inuktitut (Latin)
Klingon (plqaD)
Kurdish (Central)
Kurdish (Northern)
Kyrgyz (Cyrillic)
Lower Sorbian
Malay (Latin)
Mongolian (Cyrillic)
Mongolian (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Queretaro Otomi
Samoan (Latin)
Serbian (Cyrillic)
Serbian (Latin)
Sesotho sa Leboa
Somali (Arabic)
Swahili (Latin)
Tatar (Latin)
Turkmen (Latin)
Upper Sorbian
Uyghur (Arabic)
Uzbek (Latin)
Yucatec Maya

Shine your writing with AI Writing Editor

Craft your initial draft and then refine your writing through simplification, rephrasing, and correcting grammar and spelling errors, among other things. Let AI continue your writing and finish your paragraph.
Unmixr AI Editor

All in one platform!

Find everything from content generation to Voiceover all in one single platform

Sky is the limit!

Content creators, Influencers, Digital Marketers, Educator, Entrepreneurs and what's not!
  • Streamline your workflow

    AI voiceovers, GPT-powered chat, editing, templates, transcription, and image generation—Unmixr offers a complete solution to streamline your creative workflow.

  • Enhance your content effortlessly

    Elevate your content effortlessly with AI. Generate captivating voiceovers, engage with dynamic chat, refine with the AI editor, and create stunning visuals.

  • Unleash your creativity

    Unmixr empowers your creativity. AI templates, accurate transcription, and eye-catching visuals help you unleash your imagination and captivate your audience.

  • Unlimited possibilities

    Unmixr opens doors to endless creativity. Voiceovers, narratives, visuals—the sky's the limit with AI-powered customization.

  • Endless customization

    Tailor your content to perfection. Customize voiceovers, chat interactions, and images to create unique, personalized experiences.

  • Stay ahead, stay relevant

    Embrace innovation with Unmixr. Leverage GPT-powered chat, AI-generated visuals, and trends to make a lasting impression in a competitive market.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions to find your answer.

  • What is Unmixr AI?


    Unmixr AI is a suite of AI products like AI Voiceover, Audio/Video Dubbing, AI Chat & Copywriting tools(AI Templates, AI Writing Editor, AI Chat and AI Image Generator)

  • How Dubbing work?


    You can create dubbing for your audio/video in 3 easy steps. First upload and transcribe the file. You can edit the transcription to adjust any mispelled or missing words. Then translate into your preferred language. Edit the translation if needed. Select voice for your speakers. Finally, create dubbed version of your content.

  • What are voiceover characters?


    Voiceover characters are balance to use in AI Text to speech. For text to speech, we take the count on characters as balance. In the editor, you can see number of characters you text script contains. Once you generate audio your balance will be adjusted accordingly.

  • What are dubbing minutes?


    Minutes are balance used to meter the dubbing usage. When you dub audio or video files, we take the duration minutes as balance to adjust after we successfully dubbed your requested file.

  • What are words?


    Words - is a balance used in AI Chat, AI Writing editor and AI Templates.

  • Can I customize the voiceover using your AI voices?


    Yes, our AI voices offer customization options. You can adjust factors like tone, pitch, and speed to personalize the voiceover according to your preferences. For more details please visit voiceover

  • Are the transcriptions generated by your service accurate?


    Yes, our transcription service in dubbing studio provides accurate transcriptions of audio and video files. We utilize advanced algorithms and technologies to ensure high-quality and precise transcriptions. Our transcription service provides most accurate and guaranteed ~99% accuracy.

  • How do you process payment?


    We use An image of the Stripe logo to process your payment securely.

  • Can I change my plans at any time?


    Yes, you can change your plans at any time.

  • Can I preview the voiceover or transcription or other tools before making a purchase?


    Yes, we offer free words, voiceover characters, transcription minutes and Images to try out once you are signed up.

  • Are there any restrictions on the usage of the purchased images?


    No, there is no restriction. It's all yours. Once you purchase images from us, you have the rights to use them for your personal or commercial projects.

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