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Frequently Answers and Questions

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  • What is Unmixr AI?


    Unmixr AI is a suite of AI products like AI Voiceover, Audio/Video Dubbing, AI Chat & Copywriting tools(AI Templates, AI Writing Editor, AI Chat and AI Image Generator)

  • How Dubbing work?


    You can create dubbing for your audio/video in 3 easy steps. First upload and transcribe the file. You can edit the transcription to adjust any mispelled or missing words. Then translate into your preferred language. Edit the translation if needed. Select voice for your speakers. Finally, create dubbed version of your content.

  • What are voiceover characters?


    Voiceover characters are balance to use in AI Text to speech. For text to speech, we take the count on characters as balance. In the editor, you can see number of characters you text script contains. Once you generate audio your balance will be adjusted accordingly.

  • What are dubbing minutes?


    Minutes are balance used to meter the dubbing usage. When you dub audio or video files, we take the duration minutes as balance to adjust after we successfully dubbed your requested file.

  • What are words?


    Words - is a balance used in AI Chat, AI Writing editor and AI Templates.

  • Can I customize the voiceover using your AI voices?


    Yes, our AI voices offer customization options. You can adjust factors like tone, pitch, and speed to personalize the voiceover according to your preferences. For more details please visit voiceover

  • Are the transcriptions generated by your service accurate?


    Yes, our transcription service in dubbing studio provides accurate transcriptions of audio and video files. We utilize advanced algorithms and technologies to ensure high-quality and precise transcriptions. Our transcription service provides most accurate and guaranteed ~99% accuracy.

  • How do you process payment?


    We use An image of the Stripe logo to process your payment securely.

  • Can I change my plans at any time?


    Yes, you can change your plans at any time.

  • Can I preview the voiceover or transcription or other tools before making a purchase?


    Yes, we offer free words, voiceover characters, transcription minutes and Images to try out once you are signed up.

  • Are there any restrictions on the usage of the purchased images?


    No, there is no restriction. It's all yours. Once you purchase images from us, you have the rights to use them for your personal or commercial projects.

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